International Powerchair Hockey Organisations

ICEWH: IWAS Committee Electric Wheelchair Hockey
IWAS: International Wheelchair & Amputee Sports Federation

IPCH International Powerchair Hockey

National Electric Wheelchair Hockey Organisations

CEWHA: Canadian Electric Wheelchair Hockey Association
CFEWH: Czech Federation Electric Wheelchair Hockey
SPT Salibandy: Electric Wheelchair Hockey Finland
ERS: German Electric Wheelchair Hockey
FIWH: Federation Italian Electric Wheelchair Hockey
USEWHA: United States Electric Wheelchair Hockey Association

Powerchair Hockey Organisations

CPHL Calgary PowerHockey League
MPWHA: Manitoba Power Wheelchair Hockey Association
WHCL: Wheelchair Hockey League of Michigan

Wheelchair Sport Organisations

NSW Push and Power Rugby League Inc.
NSW Wheelchair Rugby League

VEWSA Victorian Electric Wheelchair Sports Association

General Wheelchair Related Organisations

Active Places

A geographically-aware search engine identifying physical recreation, sport and cultural activities, appropriate contacts and accessible facilities for people with a disability.


Provides support to people with a broad range of disabilities and their families and carers across NSW and the ACT by providing a range of services which promote a genuinely inclusive society.

NSW Sports Federation Inc

Represents over 2 million people throughout the state, actively participating in sport, through a wide range of interest groups involved in the organisation and administration of sport.