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Australian Powerchair Hockey

The Australian Powerchair Hockey Association is committed in providing resources for physically disabled athletes to play hockey in powerchairs. 

The APCHA promotes the sport to all ages, disability or gender.

The Association has a local competition in Sydney, with interest being shown in the North and South West Regions. Also, hopes to expand interstate to form a strong national competition.

The present competition is currently being held at the Kevin Betts Stadium, Ralph Place, Mount Druitt.

The Australian Powerchair Hockey Association gives athletes the opportunity to represent Australia at an International level under the International Hockey Federation. Australia recently finished eighth in the 2014 Powerchair Hockey World Cup. The Federation aims are to be included in a paralympics of the future.

The organisation promotes the sport inevitably to give disabled athletes the opportunity to fulfil their potential as young men and women in sport.


What is Powerchair Hockey?

• Powerchair Hockey is a sport for people in powerchairs. 

• Played on an area approximately the size of a basketball court with a surronding barrier. The barrier is used during play to rebound the ball. It is a game that almost constantly, where restrictions and rules are to ensure player safety.

• Five players are on the court at any one time but a team may have 2 or 3 substitute players.

• If possible a team should have two players with 'T - Sticks' (a T shaped stick attached to the powerchair itself) but at least one must be the goalie.


International Bodies:

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